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I'm Yonatan, a UX/UI Designer born in Kfar~Warburg now working in Amsterdam.

I’ve always been a creator. Whether it was in the backyard working on a hand-carved sword made out of wood, or at age 14 designing my first full-scale computer game, my passion for design has always been a driving force in my life. Today, I’ve turned that passion into a profession where I’m constantly driven to create products that makes people excited.

Even with my background and professional design experience, I never stop learning new techniques and finding ways to utilize them in projects. Even more satisfying is using these skills to solve inevitable UX challenges and create animations that bring my designs to life. Of all the things that excite me about this field, my favorite experience boils down to watching someone interact with my designs, and genuinely enjoying the experience that I worked to create.

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Senior User Experinace designer, Mobiquity, Amsterdam  / 2017-Present
Lead UX/UI Designer, Hoop startup, Tel-Aviv / 2015-2016
Co-Founder and Designer, Kalk game, Tel-Aviv  / 2014
UX/UI Designer, Pumika UX/UI & Digital Strategy Agency, Tel-Aviv / 2013-2014
Independent Freelance, Jerusalem / 2011-2013
Agricultural Farm Manager, Ziv's Flowers Farm, Kfar-Warburg / 2008-2009


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